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TEL./FAX +39 (0) 541-380762

Shows and events of the first floor are held in Rimini in the year. Rimini Fiera trade fair is the media company and the city of Rimini . Rimini Fierapresidia four districts cost (Travel & Tourism, Technology & Environment, Entertainment & Leisure and Hotel & Food Industry ) events with high specialization (35 annual and biennial , 11 of which are classified as international and for the most part organized directly .) home to national and international congresses , the city hosts the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples and the International Day of study " Pio Manzu " , within which interventions are held , exhibitions and meetings on topical issues , society politica.Durante and are scheduled throughout the year music festivals - the most famous of which is laSagra Malatesta Music - concerts, sporting events ( Paganello ) , cultural (Festival of the ancient world , the International Piano Festival " City of Rimini " ) and mundane , including particularly significant Pink Night , which is celebrated at the same time along the entire coast of Emilia -Romagna.

Between 1954 and 1956 the city was the seat of the finals of the Miss Italy beauty contest , which saw the election of Eugenia Bonino in 1954 , Brunella Tocci in 1955 and Nives Zegna in 1956.

Rimini Fiera has environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 : the fairgrounds is all in the name of eco-friendly with indoor and outdoor areas to green, spread over 160 thousand sqmt , over 1500 plants e30 thousand sqmt turf .

Photovoltaic systems in all district , all the halls , on a total area of ​​115 thousand well- smt; conditioning of the district, a system that produces cold at night and in the daytime returns the fresh (a kind of " ice bank " ) and for heating a boiler with condensing boiler .

The timber that the architecture of the neighborhood comes from Scandinavian forests managed consciously.

The lighting is mostly natural in areas of constant artificial lighting is used mainly led technology . The fountains are recirculating water and the water of the periodic emptying of the fountains and ponds of the district is treated and reused for irrigation of green areas. In the toilet of the district the water flow at a controlled pressure .

The entire district , numerous waste for sorting of waste produced by the visitors .

The railway station at the entrance to the fair, lightens the impact of traffic on the environment.